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Birthdate:Nov 8
Location:Portland, Oregon, United States of America
Moving all my LJ posts to DW, as one does. Most of the stuff on this page is really, really out of date; fingers crossed I update it all at some point soon.

I'm a Meyers-Briggs ENFP. I'm an Enneagram Seven. I'm a Scorpio with a rising Aquarius, the Moon in Cancer, my Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, and Mars in Leo. I'm not sure how much I believe in any of that, but it's interesting on occasion.

I used to post to this journal a lot more. Facebook has taken some of the things I used to post here (especially inane shit and youtube videos), many of the friends I used to talk to on LJ don't use it much any more, and these days I'm more likely to spill my heart in person than on LJ. But I do post here still on occasion. Just don't expect any kind of continuity.

In particular, all my blathering about bicycles has moved to an honest-to-god blog, April Likes Bikes!, but it's almost never updated anymore. On the other hand, I post to my Tumblr about eighty billion times a day, but it's mostly reblogs of the BBC's Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch.

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